Welcome to the Web Site!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Celtic Music Review site.  As someone that loves Celtic music I’m always looking to be introduced to new artists and albums.  Unfortunately I have not found a lot of great resources online that fit the bill so I decided to start my own web site where I will be reviewing the music that I love and hopefully getting some input from you, the reader, about artists and music that you love.

I enjoy all different types of Celtic music from traditional to things that would be considered more New Age on to punk music from bands like the Pogues.  I’m looking forward into exploring all different sorts of music, so please offer up any suggestions for artists and albums that you think I might like.

And, yes, I do still say albums and not cds.  I still remember buying vinyl and I’m pretty sure at some point these little plastic cds will go the same route as vinyl so for me every new release is still an album.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to hear from you sometime!