Deirdre Shannon – Deirdre Shannon

Deirdre Shannon is an Irish soprano that has worked with some of the biggest groups in Celtic music.  She has been a featured soloist with Anúna, Lord of the Dance and Celtic Woman and has a truly remarkable and beautiful voice.

This is her debut solo album and it’s one that finds its way into my cd player over and over again.  From the opening track “I Know My Love” to the final track “New Born” the listener is taken on a journey to another place with Deirdre as your tour guide.

Throughout the disc Deirdre moves effortlessly through different styles of music from classic Irish folk songs to more modern fare like the Rod Stewart song “I Don’t Want To Talk About It.”  The song “One More Day” was featured in the film Veronica Guerin.

Overall Deirdre Shannon’s self-titled disc is a great introduction to a very talented singer.  I can’t wait to hear more from Deirdre in the future!

Rating: ★★★★☆