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Girsa – Girsa

The word girsa translates to “young girls” in the Gaelic language and is thus a fitting name for this talented group of young ladies from Pearl River, New York.  The eight girls all come from musical families and have played with each other for as long as they can remember and that shows here with a very polished album of some traditional Irish tunes and some not-so traditional ones!

The song that opens the album is one of my favorite songs and definitely a non-traditional Irish song entitled “Immigrant Eyes,” which is co-written by Guy Clark and Roger Murrah.  As I mentioned in previous reviews I am also a fan of country music, so hearing the girls of Girsa cover a Guy Clark song was something that I really enjoyed.

Overall throughout the album I was very impressed with the musicianship of these girls.  For a group of musicians all in their late teens it’s obvious that they all have a love and respect of the music they are covering and have way more skill that I could expound on in print.  The group just really needs to be heard.

The girls just have a knack for taking a song and making it their own, as they did with “Immigrant Eyes.” Another interesting choice was the cover of the Rod Stewart hit “Rhythm Of My Heart” which comes out sounding nothing like the original, but that is a good thing!  No offense to Mr. Stewart of course.

Not only are the girls of Girsa talented musicians, but they also have four strong vocalists in the mix which adds a nice variety to the tracks.  Girsa is truly a group effort and it’s obvious that their personalities and talents mix to form a fantastic end product.

It is going to be fun to watch these girls grow in their musical vision and see where the group goes.  It seems that it’s not a full time gig for any of them so while the sky is the limit nobody really knows what direction the group will take.  I wish them well and look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

Rating: ★★★½☆